So far, so good!

We’ve only had two weeks of October and already there has been so much good stuff. Here are some pictures from some of the highlights. We started with pumpkin soup and Chloe helped me clean and roast the seeds for a little snack.

We enjoyed some time by the ocean and had loads of fun at the boardwalk.

Captain Awesome was able to join Claire and her class for a field trip on the O’Niell Sea Odyssey, they couldn’t have had better conditions!

I have gone through more than 40 pounds of tomatoes and made a lot of salsa, so now I have great spicy tomato juice to cook our kale in, yum!

The weather got warmer, so we indulged in ice cream and spinning in circles post sugar high.

Claire had another field trip with her typical class, this time I got to go and we went to learn about farms, which was good because I love farms and tractors.

Since the weather was still epic we went down and spent even more time by the water. They are making a movie so it was fun to see all the movie making stuff.
Just in case there hadn’t already been enough fun, Chloe got her first skateboard ride, which she loved very, very much.
Despite the weather feeling more like summer than fall, October has been great so far, I’ll take it! 

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