1st Grade!

What?!?! 1st grade, how did that happen. I don’t know how we ended up here so fast but I will admit that it has really been a wonderful transition. Claire’s school started on Wednesday and due to fortuitous circumstances, Chloe was in school all week. This allowed Claire and I to have a really great last two days of summer and go out in style.

We went shopping for shoes.

Enjoyed one last treat from Verve.
Went down to watch the waves, we also worked on vitamin d intake and she walked up 22 stairs to get back to the top! 

She loved getting her hair cut, I assume because she loves attention and mirrors. 
Last on the agenda was pt, and she killed it! Those legs are getting so strong!

With all of that out of the way, Claire was ready for the big day. I was so nervous. I knew that our new aide was great, but new anything lends itself to the unknown. I was up late making her lunch, going through the packet of papers from parent night and trying to remember all of those little details that are involved with going back to school. Sure enough, Wednesday morning came and she was ready to go. She was excited but not too much, I think that she was just really ready.

After I dropped Chloe off at her school, got myself some coffee and took a nice long slow walk by the ocean, I stopped by Claire’s class to answer any questions that had popped up in the first few hours. When I arrived Claire and Natalie (her WONDERFUL new aide) were just returning from her regular ed 1st grade class. Claire has a desk with her name on it and a really nice friend to sit right next to her. When Claire shouted out while the teacher was talking she rolled with it and took that as Claire shouting out the appropriate answer. I really couldn’t imagine a better situation for Claire at this point. After I explained a few details and talked a bit with Natalie about how Claire works it was clear that I was no longer welcome. I tried to get a picture of the two of them and I got a little attitude, which I guess might be normal for any big 1st grader who’s mom has stayed passed thier welcome.

Having given up on a smile for the picture I let the two of them get back to their first day of school business and went on my way. I had completely forgotten just how nice it is to be in a car without princess songs or Dr. Seuss playing and when I got home I even got to pick up the house faster than it was getting un-picked-up, it was great! As I waited for the bus I prepared myself to see an exhausted and unregulated Claire. After all, it was the first day of school and it can take a while to get in the groove of it all. I was honestly surprised when I found Claire getting off the bus with the most vibrant smile, clearly 1st grade agrees with her well and we are looking forward to a wonderful year!

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