That Was Hard!

I knew going into it that not using words would be hard and it was. I am so glad that I restrained myself because there was a lot to be learned in the process of not being able to do something as simple as share a story with more than just a picture. It gave me the slightest glimpse into Claire’s world. She takes in everything, like any other little girl would. But it is so much harder for her to tell me those little things, the little details that only she could express. To have those thoughts and not be able to share them with you was really, really hard. It did help me to get down to Claire’s level a little better. Instead of continuing to try and adapt her into the box that I expected her to grown into, I tried to be quiet and hear how she does it and try to speak to her at that level. We spent a lot more time together without using words, rather facial gestures and eyes. She is so much better than me at being able to articulate things with her body language and I really enjoyed being able to slow down and really enjoy that. About half way through my little experiment of trying to blog without words, I added the emphasis of beauty to my remaining picture posts. Again, I was blown away at how much I learned and grew through such a simple exercise. One of the things that I see as I look back is that I really am surrounded by beautiful and amazing things. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the lovely climate here in California, for the ocean and for the towering trees that make up the forest that I enjoy so much. It isn’t just my pleasing circumstances that make my life filled with beauty.  Even on the hard and truly challenging days (which I will say there was more than one) I found that when I looked up, I could see beauty all around. I am also surrounded by really beautiful people. Not just Chloe and Claire as they were my obvious subjects, but everyone else. I loved going through my days seeking beauty out because I saw a lot more of it everywhere. In the smile of the person handing me coffee, in the look of anticipation as the the surfers head to the water, as friends stroll sharing their lives in story and as a respit provider lovingly take a child that is having a rough day from a frazzled parent, beauty is everywhere! With that I will leave you with one last picture of what I percieve to be beautiful. As I stood loosing my thoughts in the waves, two v shaped formations of pelicans flew above me in opposite direstions, it was indeed beautiful and awe inspiring.

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