My Crescendo

I just needed to make it through Friday and I knew that I would have survived the summer, what I think might have been one of the hardest ones ever since I don’t expect that Chloe will be a potty training toddler ever again šŸ™‚ She has been doing really well. When I picked her up at school on Thursday they told me that she really did well in her big girl panties but that we might need to send a few back up pair. Great!!! I can do that! The problem was that we had only 5 pair of panties, which is about a days worth at the current burn rate, so we needed more. I want Maren and Erica to know that I thought of you both as I summoned the strength to take the girls into Target, one of the places you are least likely to ever find me. We had had a good morning. We got the honor of showing Claire’s chair off to another family as they were working on making their big decision for the wheels they needed to move into. We went to Verve and shared a croissant. Then we drove over the hill to have lunch with Jared (who works right next to the big evil Target) on our way to ride horses. I just had to make a quick stop inside, get panties and enemas, which to me seemed really ironic and funny, but that is just where I operate at, so I laughed to myself about it as we put our items on the belt. As I paid, Claire gave me the signal that she needed to go to the bathroom. Still there had been no tantrums or gnashing of teeth, I was feeling pretty on my game, so we went for it. I get Claire on the toilet, take her wet pants off and ask Chloe to get me a clean diaper for Claire. She hands me an ipod. I then, while balancing Claire on the toilet, start to search through the back pack myself. Sure enough, I had used the last one and not noticed or remembered to put more in there. But on the bright side, while I had been rummaging around the bag, Chloe had taken all 10 pair of her new princess panties out and strewn them about the stall. All I had to do was convince her to share one pair with Claire (who I had asked if she wanted her own this morning and she said no, she prefers the security of the pull ups) and convince Claire to not freak out and to hold it until we could get to the car and a place where I could again change her. Those two goals were met with surprisingly little resistance, Claire actually loved laughing at me more than she was worried about an accident and Chloe is a very loving little helper. We loaded into the car, drove over to the parking lot behind Jared’s office where we quickly corrected the situation and then drove on to horse therapy. Chloe slept in the car, Claire enjoyed her audio books and I nearly laughed out loud the whole rest of the day, at myself and the ridiculously disproportionate amount of time I spend in public bathrooms and changing diapers. But that is my life, I don’t see it changing that much so it really is just best to laugh, because there are so many jokes to be made where Target, princess panties and enemas are all in the same sentence. On top of that, I made it! Claire rode stormy, Chloe played with the donkeys. We came home and danced to princess songs, had dinner and with that, I had made it!!! I didn’t even get committed to the mad house or accidentally drive my car into or off of anything, but I did it and actually had a lot of fun in the process.

3 thoughts on “My Crescendo

  1. mj says:

    you said it and recorded it in “ink” – YOU HAD FUN AT TARGET. i'll have you know that we made the hour+ long trek to our nearest target yesterday {because we were already in that particular city getting our driver licenses} and i smiled the entire time. and i didn't even get anything i didn't need. except finger nail polish. but it was super cute. šŸ™‚

  2. Made me laugh – thanks for that! Sounds like a super-successful day, if you ask me.

    Btw – going to Target was one of my favourite activities when I lived in the US.

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