Breaking my silence, but just for a moment

I know summer isn’t over yet but I had to break my silence for just a moment. I wanted to share two really amazing blog posts, one from a close friend that you can read here and another from somebody who I don’t know, but hit the nail on the head, you can read it here. Neither post is very long but the thoughts that they shared were truly a blessing to me and I hope that you will enjoy them as well. As for the rest of my wordless summer on the blog…I am changing the challenge to myself a little. The last few weeks have been hard, very very hard. I am continually reminded that even in hard and difficult circumstances, we live in a world where beauty abounds. So I am really going to post a picture of beauty each day until Claire returns to school August 24th. Here is my first attempt. I really debated on whether or not to post this pic. I was sitting in Verve with Claire after dropping Chloe off at school. The song ‘Sitting on the dock of the bay’ was playing, she was enjoying her cup of whip cream and I my cappucino. It was indeed a moment full of so much beauty. Then Claire had an episode that caused her body to contort and her to stop breathing for a few seconds just as we were taking my empty cup up to the counter. In that momment I was so mad that rett had to ruin my perfect happy moment with Claire, but today I am choosing to remember the perfect and wonderful calm before the storm by sharing this picture with you. Here is to seeing beauty every day for the rest of August 🙂

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