This week I learned that you never know just how close you were to the edge until you take a few steps back. We have just two more days and Claire will be back to school after three full weeks off. It is all a bit of a blur. I know that there were a few doctor and therapy appointments, playing in the sand and Claire has been spending almost each day at Kid Quest. There has certainly been a lot of ups and downs or excitement as I like to put it. As wonderful and exhausting as the days have been, it has really been the nights that have gotten me through this stretch. If you live in Arizona or some other really hot climate, you might not want to keep reading, I am about to brag about our weather. It started after my first Monday with both girls all day. After three hours of Claire screaming and me calling our social worker sobbing, I thought it best to get out solo once Jared was home. I met up with my friend Kat and we walked, stopping down to chat at the cliffs. As we stood and I took several deep breathes of the cool salty air, I saw the most amazing thing. The picture above does not do it justice, but it is of a momma sea otter who was carrying her baby across the bay. They would separate and play and then she would swim with the baby on her stomach. It was so absolutely enthralling to watch. Watching the fog roll in, the otters playing and listening to the waves, it just melted away the tension in my body. I have made several more trips to the coast at night since then and I really think it has been one of the most important things that I have done over the period of the last few weeks. I have found that I have had more energy and a little more focus throughout the day and a slightly clearer mind. The picture below was taken on West Cliff, at the light house. Jared and I got out to walk together in the cool fog and it was absolutely life giving. It feels a little shallow to be so thankful for just weather, but I am. It has been the margin that I needed to get through a long stretch. Yes I am a little foggy this June, but I really do think that is a good thing.

One thought on “Foggy

  1. ahhhh i can almost feel the foggy cool air now. i love that you can do this. so good for you. so so good. you live in such a wonderful place to have such head clearing moments.

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