Best.Easter.Ever…at least so far

Step one, two hours at the beach.

Step two, making our own dye using red cabbage and beet peelings.

Step three, have a ridiculous amount of fun.

Followed by beets cooked in leftover bacon fat from breakfast.

I sure had some great help for the project.

It shows, the eggs came out great!

It went so well that we did baskets for the very first time.

So glad that we did! The girls loved it!

Then we were off to the aquarium to meet up with Kat, again, an abundance of fun!

The great time was perfectly completed with a trip to Ghiradelli for ice cream.

After great naps the girls had so much fun playing, giggle and joy filled our home.

The two pretty much cuddled and giggled themselves to sleep, sorta what dreams are made of, right?

5 thoughts on “Best.Easter.Ever…at least so far

  1. love the eggs! i tried it one year with onion skins a la martha stewart and they were gorgeous!
    next year we are dyeing eggs and doing baskets! i skipped both this year!

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