I know that my last few posts have been a little bit heavy so I wanted to share about today, because it was brighter. Nearly two weeks ago Claire had filled up her token board by eating her breakfast in a timely fashion and getting to school on time. I was so desperate to get her to eat that I bribed her with shoes, and it worked! It kills me how easily she can do things when motivated. Last weekend we decided to put off the shopping trip to play at the boardwalk, so Claire has had a lot of time to think about this. Captain awesome, being awesome, had noticed pink and black high top converse with Velcro down the back when we were in then shoe department at Nordstrom a few weeks back. So Claire and I did a little online research and as it turns out, she was keen on the high tops. So this afternoon the four of us piled in the car and drove over to the “big” mall. We listened to Claire’s music much to Chloe’s dismay, but this was Claire’s reward. We had to take the elevator up to the third floor. Nordstrom being the fancy place that it is has floor to ceiling mirrors that we passed and wow, that little diva! Claire shamelessly checked herself out as she rolled by with the biggest smile on her face. I don’t know why I am so surprised but she was so peaceful and bubbly while we looked around for the high tops. Her hands were quiet, there was no teeth grinding and no shouts. She just beamed as the lady brought out the box. We tried them on and walked around, I think we need to look into doing pt in the shoe section of Nordstrom. Her steps were so planned, soft knees that bent and a narrower gait, it was beautiful. She was even patient while we paid and made the rest of the plan for the day. After such a long week, it was sure nice to do something so normal and have it go well. Proof that it doesn’t always rain and occasionally there are rainbows after the storm.

5 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. That sounds like fun, and I love the shoes. She has great taste. The “take it easy” tag makes me laugh.
    I think you should request moving her PT to the department store at her next IEP meeting, just for fun.

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