Our Playground

I have to admit that it isn’t just because of Rett that I don’t like playgrounds. Even before there was anything special or different about us, they just weren’t our thing. As time wore on, I somehow lost sight of that and assumed that we didn’t go to the playground because we couldn’t. Over the last year we have made a few trips to the playground and Chloe loves it, but I don’t. I just didn’t get that gene. It must have something to do with the struggle that I have with playing, regardless, there has been some guilt, that we don’t go often because I really don’t enjoy it. The last few weeks we have absolutely epic weather. So I did something very brave, something I hadn’t thought to do before. We went to the beach. I know is sounds obvious, but the beach that I am talking about isn’t one that is populated with other little children, Chloe is normally the only one. Today the tide was pretty high, so there was no beach, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying it! We sat on the stairs and watched the waves crash. I love that Chloe is growing up knowing that little bubbling sound that the ocean makes as the waves recede, it is one of my favorite sounds. We talk about the smell of the salt in the air and how pretty the sun is at it glitters over the smooth parts of the water. Truly I am very thankful that this has been part of my organic experience.

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