Thankfulness Gifts 2010

I love gifts, I really love giving gifts. I think it might be because of how I grew up, my mom was really good at picking out gifts that made you feel like she really knew you. She always managed to pick things out that I had not even thought of, but were just what I needed. I am still working on honing this skill and it is hard when time is restricted by the two little girls that require much from me. This year I opted to do thankfulness gifts for all of Claire’s entourage instead of something at the holidays. I chose to do this because I don’t get why I would give people a gift for a religous holiday when I have no idea if the people that I am giving to celebrate the same holiday. I also want to make it clear why we are giving the gifts, because we are thankful for them, as opposed to some sort of guilt induced commercial hype that motivated me. So this was our week and it was great! We gave jars of raspberries in a light honey syrup that we had made during the summer break. Truly, the best part about giving is seeing the receivers eyes light up and a smile come across their face. I didn’t get to see everyone as Claire distributed them around during school, but I am pretty confidenet that she really enjoyed seeing those faces herself. Now with all of the gift giving done, I am free to savor Thanksgiving and the advent season, and I am really excited about it.

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