That Went Well

No surprise that so far, today is going better than yesterday. Yesterday there was no school, which immediately makes a day hard. Then we drove 45 minutes to see a doctor and Miss Amazing remembered the wrong time and doesn’t seem to be able to read so we showed up at 10:30 for a 10am appointment, which I then rescheduled for the end of November. We then rushed back home to get to OT instead of doing any number of more fun things, to find out that the OT left a message at home, she was out sick, sigh. Not today, today is so much better so far! Today was Claire’s first day in her new class. I think it is pretty safe to say that I was more nervous than she was. I know so much more about rejection and how mean people can be than she does. I remember being laughed at in 1st grade. The thought of her having to endure such pain, on top of already having to deal with a lot just makes my heart sink with weight. But this morning we had our act together. We were in the car and rolling even a few minutes early after enjoying an easy going breakfast as a family. Just to clarify, breakfast as a family consists of the girls eating oatmeal that Jared and I feed them, Jared also drinks coffee. It just didn’t involve vomiting or screaming or a tantrum of any sort, which was nice. Even the walk down to the car was nice this morning. It was 40 degrees which is my idea of a perfect morning temp. Cold enough for the air to have that crisp clean feel, but not so cold that you can’t breathe it in. The fog was in pockets throughout the redwoods and burned off as we got closer to town. We pulled in and there was a blue spot open for us (I was a little worried about that) which was nice. Another blue placard holder, sneered at me as I got out, clearly, it was her spot. We were early, really early. But Claire really wanted to go, so we loaded up and went to sit outside the class. She obviously hasn’t learned the trick of sneaking in just as the bell rings so as to draw very little attention to oneself. She rolls up and immediately three little girls come to say hi. Not in a hi sweet little baby sort of a way, more like a hi Claire what’s up sort of a way, it was great! She’s the popular kid. Seriously, how did I end up with the popular little girl that wants to be covered in pink glitter, loves art, horses and dogs, how can this be?!?!?!?! But I did, and she is great. I have to say how laid back the parents in that crowd are. They look way more rested than the parents at the autism school drop off. It was really nice to be part of that parent crowd. There was a very easy going feeling about it. I am really excited for Claire to get more time with the typical, more laid back kids too. I imagine that as she hears them speak and act, that she will have the affirmation of being around people who are just like her.

3 thoughts on “That Went Well

  1. Yes I agree with you. When I go drop off Cristia Isabel to school I get to see the “other” moms (he, he) and they sure look more rested than me. I love that Claire is so popular.

    Finally I fixed my account to make comments 🙂

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