Captain Awesome

I was going to wait and write this on our anniversary, but I just can’t wait. On Nov. 6 we will be celebrating 11 years of marriage. Not 11 years of good times, 11 years of marriage. But I have to say that it feels like the celebration of us has already begun a little bit, and I am really excited about that. In particular, the last few years have been very hard, there were times that I really didn’t think that we would ever celebrate 11 years. Rett Syndrome seems to have a way with ruining marriages, I would be a liar if I said it hadn’t given us a run for our money. We came up with the name Captain Awesome for those moments that you really do try to do something, but for one reason or another, it just all goes sideways, like putting Claire’s shoes on while she is screaming bloody murder and then she can’t walk, come to find out they are on the wrong feet, when Jared does it he is Captain Awesome and when I do it I am Miss Amazing. I love our nicknames, it gives us both the freedom to just screw up because our life is too hard, it helps us to laugh at ourselves and with ourselves. Last night Jared insisted that we watch Beauty and the Beast (we just got it this week!) with no kids. That’s right, he loves Disney princesses, to the core. Claire has sure left her mark there! So we sat on the couch and had a great 2005 BV Cab (sort of sentimental, we were in napa for that harvest, days before Claire was born) with pizza and watched Beauty and the Beast. Just made me smile, I am so glad to be stuck in this mess with one of the greatest men to have ever graced this planet, I wanted to shout it from the mountain top, but I am too lazy to hike, so I figured I would blog, close enough?

4 thoughts on “Captain Awesome

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! My favorite is “not a 11 years of good times, 11 years of marriage!” And I may just steal Captain Awesome and Miss Amazing – we could use that around here! 🙂 Happy (early) Anniversary!!!

  2. mj says:

    ditto. totally stealing the captain awesome and miss amazing titles. had so much fun with you guys today. thanks for the birthday cupcakes!

  3. Happy anniversary! Yes, Rett Syndrome definitely changes things in life, including marriage. I am happy that you were able to see it to 11 years and I'm raising my wine glass in toast of another 11, or so!

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