The Pearl

I know that I have been super bad about posting lately, I promise I really am trying, it just doesn’t seem to happen. I feel like a huge update is due but it is too much to take on right now, so I will just stick with this little slice of the story. Today, the highlight of my day has been Ducati. Weird right? For many years I have had a love hate relationship with that word. It is the company that Jared works for and it pays our bills, for which I am very thankful. A lot of the time I feel like all the work might not be worth it and that is when I have a more hate relationship with it, but today it is love! Let me give you a little background. Jared LOVES motorcycles. In fact, that is how I hooked him. I was the only girl in our school that pretended to like motorcycles, so he talked to me, and my evil plan worked, a plan that began in 1997. Soon after we married Jared got his first bike and has always had one since then. I have always said that I couldn’t be married to him without it because he gets so cranky when he hasn’t rode in a while. Enter life, he is at the top of the motorcycle world. In December we purchased the bike that he always dreamed of, ‘the pearl’. Jared thinks that he is a pirate and likes The Pirate’s of the Caribbean way too much! So he has a blacked out bike that he named after the ship in the movie. He really loves this bike, he takes pictures of it by the ocean he likes it so much. Through this whole little Rett shitstorm it has been his outlet, the closest thing to therapy. So you can imagine the fear inside me when I figured that we needed to sell it. The accident that I was in 18 months ago has been very expensive and we still haven’t settled, so we need money. Lucky for me, Jared has been hating his job lately, so he quickly warmed up to the idea. Not only did he warm up, he sold it within days! When we got up this morning, the wire had come through, the pearl was sold. We both felt a huge sigh of relief, happy that the whole thing went so smoothly. I am so proud of Jared! He has really let go and moved on in the healthiest way I can imagine. He is looking into mountain biking and some other things that he could do to get a release, he is even getting excited about taking both girls out for bike rides so I could stay home ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I have to admit I really like that idea. As I have a huge grin on my face because I feel like I have won the battle against Ducati, Jared says he got an email (which are normally Ducati related, back to resenting). There is a dealer in Florida that has an open house every year. I guess he just woke up and thought he would do something super awesome and is doing a raffle and silent auction because of Claire, to benefit IRSF. Wow! I think that the part that has meant the most to me is the wording that was used. You can click here to see the newsletter that went out and the explanation of the event. So now the pearl is gone and Jared is feeling loved by Ducati, can a girl have her cake and eat it too?

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