Searching for Simple

Funny how as life goes on and I have more experience under my belt, my perspective keeps changing. I recently found a blog of a friend from Guatemala. When I was in high school I went with a group down to Antigua for a few weeks. Although that was 14 years ago, still, the memories continue to form me. I was in a group that went to play with the babies that were under weight and waiting for surgery. Short version is that the babies were really tiny because they had clef palette and couldn’t have surgery to fix it until they were at least 12 pounds. There were so many babies, the nurses had time to go in circles and change diapers and feed the babies, but that was about it. It was explained to us that the babies would gain weight faster if they were played with. We would sing songs and roll balls, it really wasn’t that hard, it was actually a lot of fun. I can honestly say I have such a deeper appreciation for what we did now than I did then. At the time, it didn’t seem that important. In fact, the children were so perfect. Their spirits were free and they loved to laugh. Yes, they were all awaiting surgery, but they seemed so content. As a whole, the people in Guatemala seemed very peaceful and content. Sure they lived in houses made of mud with dirt floors, but they were so happy. I actually came back from that trip with a heart that was more broken for America than Guatemala. Sure we can flush our toilet paper and stop and get a can of soda just about anywhere, but on a whole, they are light years ahead of us, at least the area that I was in. On Sunday people would pack into very crowded rooms and stand for hours singing and rejoicing in the name of the Lord. Here we have tons of half full churches that cater to different groups, seems really sad. As I look at the pictures that Judy has put up of the school that she works at, it has stirred such emotion in me. I really struggle a lot with the mentality of advocating for stuff for Claire just because she is entitled to it, it is a very easy pit to fall into. We all compare notes, how much ABA therapy are you getting, who is mainstreamed with a 1:1 aide and how do you get all the equipment for the house. Seeing the pictures of a boy who waited years for a power chair were such a beautiful reminder of the great life that is here and available to Claire every day, regardless of “services”. Sure I am going to fight the insurance company and the school, to make sure that Claire’s needs are met and that she has access to education. But I will not let it consume me. There is so much perfect life inside her that I need to remember to take advantage of every day.

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