Organic isn’t always pretty, it’s life

Tuesday I got to take Claire for her first, and most likely not her last, EEG. We actually had a lot of fun for the most part. Since it was just the two of us we got to take the Smart car and listen to the music loud which is always a good time. We got there early enough to knock out the EKG before the EEG appointment. I am so impressed with this little girls ability to take tests and deal with medical stuff like it is nothing. I am so thankful to Dr. Seuss and Apple, truly the audiobook made it so easy for her to lay there still and giggle while they ran the test. The EEG was a whole different story. The tech didn’t get Claire and didn’t think that the whole process needed to be explained to me. If I had known what there were trying to do before they tried to do it, I could have helped, but you live and learn. Claire didn’t care for the quiet time in the dark room, but for the most part she did well. After the grand finale with the strobe light in her face was done, we turned the lights on and sat pulled the Eco next to her. What does she say? “Light bulb, good” My sweet little rockstar likes the crazy lights. She was all smiles while they tried to get the goo out of her hair and then we were off. She crashed in the car on the way home, such an exhausting morning, I just kept breathing. Still trying to figure out what just happened and how I came to have a life that involves a 4 year old who can’t speak with her mouth and needs to be followed by multiple medical specialties. Wednesday was CSA day 🙂 I love the bounty that comes to us each week from the farm, I am truly blessed to have that available to us. Even as fresh as it is, the food is far from perfect. In fact, because it is organic and they don’t use evil chemicals some times the berries are a little squishy and the chard has a few holes in it. I had to pick a small caterpillar out of the broccoli, such a good reminder of how complex life is. First thing is to cut up the strawberries. The miracle of both girls sleeping had happened so I was able to actually think and process as I did this. As I would cut the bits that were rotting off and toss what was left into the bowl I thought (admittedly way too much) about why I cut the parts off like that. Is it because it isn’t pretty? Because the color is off? No, it is because I want to protect the rest of the fruit. It just isn’t realistic to get several baskets of organic strawberries and not have a few bug and a few mushy berries. A lot like life I guess, but I can tell you that my fresh, organic, not perfect berries taste so much better than the commercialized crap at the store. Kinda like my life with children’s hospitals and therapy appointments, oh so sweet! Thursday came and I had the opportunity to tuck some of my lovely food into jars and put it away for the winter. It sure is nutty and I still don’t know I got here, but at least this week I am really appreciating my organic experience, the bugs and the beauty. As far as the results from the tests, that is a whole new post, but Claire is alright.

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