10 Reasons That I Love it Here

Not a top ten, just the order that they came to me.
1. The trees immediately outside our apartment are amazing! Big oaks and pines that look stunning in rain, fog and sunshine.
2. The Verve Coffee Roasters. Often when I go in the morning the air is filled with the intoxicating aroma of coffee that is being roasted, which I have to say leads to an amazing cup of coffee to start my day.
3. Jess and Rachelle. My awesome friends that met me for a walk this morning so that I could kill time with both girls in their strollers (I can’t do this by myself because I can’t push two strollers at once). Not only does Jess push Chloe for me, Rachelle’s “bunny” (tiny fluffy dog that runs in circles) licks Claire and makes her smile and we gab about silly things the whole way, making me feel like my life is completely typical.
4. As Chloe waves at random people over the coarse of our walk, people wave back and applaud her friendliness.
5. When Claire screams for a good 20 minutes straight because there is no potty around nobody glares at me like I am a bad mom. When I say scream I mean so high pitched that I have a kink in my neck from holding my ear to my shoulder to protect my ear drum during this event. I had to hold her arms down to keep her from biting herself. Somehow the passers by managed the perfect balance of an empathetic glance with just enough compassion but without staring.
6. The surfers here are awesome! Not only do they make good eye candy and are fun to watch, as Claire gained composure and we trying to walk again, one of them shouted out to me, “We have kids too, we understand!” I replied that she was just pissed off because she can’t use her hands or talk for the rest of her life. Then I had the thought, that totally aside from Claire having Rett, this guy wanted to take a minute to tell me that all kids get out of control, once again reinforcing my sense of a somewhat normal life.
7. The smell of pot that I often encounter along our cliff side walks. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a stoner, in fact, somehow I have never smoked anything. Having grown up in a culture of busyness and work, Santa Cruz is a drastic change of pace that I am learning to appreciate. I love being in a place where being busy isn’t the end all, rather sitting on the beach doing nothing is.
8. I am throwing a baby shower for my friend that is adopting a 15 year old boy. I love being in a place that is filled with amazing people. Not only are they doing it, it is a huge happy celebration thing, so I am throwing the baby shower, how cool is that?!? I am so excited!!!
9. Jared can go on a ride after the girls go down and visit not one, but two amazing light houses.
10. The hammock swing on our porch. I can now spend hours on end doing nothing other than sitting in our hammock swing (that we got for Claire) and listening to the wind in the trees and the traffic on the street.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons That I Love it Here

  1. Bridget, come and visit! Leave the kids and come for a weekend, we can eat and walk along the cliffs and then eat and walk in the sand. Or bring ANnie and she can play with Claire's computer, we could have a raging game of pretty pretty princess!

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