Because I Can!

It is no secret that I don’t put a whole lot of effort into myself. Honestly, this isn’t because I am in the trenches of mommyhood with two little ones. I never have been one to enjoy getting done up or other such girly nonsense. A well worn t-shirt, broken in jeans and some old Vans have been my go to for well over half my life. Maybe it is because I saw so many people with make up that made them look like a clown or that I hated the models in the ads because they were too perfect. Somehow I just have never cared about appearances. I must admit that I am fan of lovely purses to go with my raggy jeans, but adding a cute purse to however I fell out of bed is about all I have ever done. I have heard of people spending time on their hair, nails, makeup and so fourth but was never very curious. I have noticed when friends have changed their hair one way or another but really never cared, mainly because I didn’t get what the big deal was. Enter my friend Rachelle. She and her husband own a really great barber shop “Rick’s” which has lead me a little closer to the whole concept about caring about your hair. I have even gone for 3 hair cuts since Chloe was born, which is pretty often for me. They recently decided to add some basic coloring services to the menu. So they had to train their employees, I guess people freak out when people screw up their hair and it is bad for business. Me being the person who really doesn’t care, I volunteered for the training, figuring that if I hate it I could shave it off and it would grown back. So I showed up last night for the training. I think that I might have surprised everyone when I said that I wanted to go completely red, granted I have never colored my hair. The polar opposite side of my keep it as simple as possible side is that if I do do something, I tend to do it big. Like when I hadn’t worked out in years then trained for the Nike marathon in San Fransisco. It is a little ridiculous at how calm I was about going red as I sat there with people putting goop all over my head. But now that it is done, I love it! I am starting to get it. Playing with your hair is fun. I am so bad at having fun that I didn’t even think that this could be an avenue for some sort of adventure, but it is! I think this might be just the beginning, after getting a little taste of just sitting around and having fun I am so excited to see what else I might come up with. Why, because I can!

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