The Sweet Sound of an Adult Male Voice

The day finally came, and two weeks early! Yesterday Claire’s Eco2 with EcoPoint came and we immediately got it set up. Well, we at least got it turned on and her page set loaded. Claire loved just playing with the pages and checking things out yesterday. She went through several letters of the middle of the alphabet and was very impressed with herself as was I. The other thing that she kept saying was “put silly hat” just like she had when we did the trial in Dec. So I dug out the hat and had it ready for the morning. I wish that there were words to describe the sweet look on her face when we went in this morning, it was better than Christmas! I had positioned the device on the table so that she could talk while I fed her breakfast. Immediately she navigated through 3 pages to get to her music and she selected “Rockstar” to play. I have read about how this whole system is based on muscle memory but I had no idea that the map would be right there for her! This is what she did every morning during the trial, of coarse she did it right away. I gave her a choice of color for her outfit and after a bit of thinking, she chose purple, not too much of a surprise. She then reminded me of her silly hat. I just can’t say how sublime it is that we have this and she can use it in such simple and practical ways. What 4 year old doesn’t want to have a say in what they wear? I sometimes give her the choice between jeans or a dress, or two different t-shirts. But this has so much more potential! I think that the first programming order of business will be to make a morning page where she gets to pick colors for clothes, hair style and have options to talk about the day. I did already get her a female voice “Crystal” is the name and I slowed it down just a bit so that we can hear everything that she wants to say.

2 thoughts on “The Sweet Sound of an Adult Male Voice

  1. the silly hat rocks! And so does this amazing device. I'm so glad to see technology doing something really really important and life-changing like this, giving Claire a voice.

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