And We’re Back!

Wow! We’ve been to Arizona and back in the last week and it is so good to be HOME! Many would consider Arizona to be home as we both lived there for the majority of our lives, but no. This trip made it ever so clear that we are where we belong for now. It was a pretty uneventful trip. We didn’t go to any hospitals which was a very welcome change. Jared did throw Claire’s lunch in the trash can, before feeding it to her, then had the pleasure of retrieving it so she didn’t starve. We managed to see some friends and family and squeezed in some fun here and there. One of the absolutely most wonderful things was my parents dog Maggie. Let me be honest, I don’t like dogs, I am not a dog person, never have been. We own two cats, because I don’t like dogs. Enter Maggie, of all the well behaved dogs that are out there that might change my mind, she isn’t on the list. Maggie is more of a grand-dog. My brother rescued her from a bad situation and then was working to much to keep her, so my parents got her still as a puppy. Technically she has been to school and my mom is working on discipline , in a you can do mostly whatever you want sort of a way. So we get there and what does the dog do, jump and lick and jump and lick. Here is the kicker, Claire loved it! Not only did Claire love Maggie, Maggie brought things out of Claire. Her hands were so quiet, her smile so wide, her spirit so calm. The first dinner I am pretty sure that Maggie managed to lick Claire’s face after almost every bite that we fed her. Claire was in charge of taking her for walks while we were there and she loved it. We also took two trips to the dog park where Claire practiced walking and petting the dogs all at once. It was amazing at how regulated she was, which is really hard to do while out of town. As much as I love to say how I am not a dog person, Claire has changed my mind. Funny how she tends to change my mind on a lot of different things that I thought I knew about, but that is a whole new post. The drive home went much better than the drive there. I think that it helped that we didn’t let a sippy cup get stuck behind Chloe’s back like we did on the way there. I think that the hardest part of the trip was that we didn’t get to leave Rett Syndrome at home. Vacations just aren’t as fun when you have to bring all your baggage with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love Claire exactly how she is. At home we have lots of systems in place to make her life as easy as possible. Take all that away and all the sudden you start to realize how hard it all is. So I guess we will just be stuck on the Monterrey Bay for a while, which doesn’t seem all that bad at all!

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