The Adventures of Jared, Claire and the Smart Car

This picture was taken just after Claire and Jared returned from their adventures in the Smart car. I so wish I could figure out what it is about that car, but she loves it!!!! Tonight the two went out after dinner to go down for a special event at their favorite coffee shop, Verve. I know it is cliche but there is something about having a place to go where people know you. The two walked by Rick’s Barber Shop and waved at a friend who was working inside. By the time Jared was putting Claire down in line at Verve, Rachelle (friend from Rick’s) was there taking Claire to say hi. Then they saw Kat, one of the awesome girls that helps during the week, at the register (I have to share her with Verve, she loves coffee). Jared was able to quickly enjoy an espresso and a cappuccino before they were off for some shopping. Apparently Claire enjoys advising Jared on fashion, which really couldn’t hurt. She picked out a few shirts at the Billabong store from what I was told. How amazing is it that we both tell Claire what it is that we want the other one to get for us for gifts, and she normally comes through. As if that wasn’t enough fun the two decided to drive East Cliff and enjoy the waves at dusk. When they returned home Claire came in the door with the biggest grin on her face. I love it when we have those moments that life slows down enough to work at her speed and she thrives!

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