Is everything alright?

Lately I have been feeling pretty well. My iron levels are almost into the normal range for the first time in 5 years. We had a good trip to Oakland Children’s for the natural history study and I have even been cooking a bit. Yesterday I was a little bit stressed out. It was the first week for Bible study and even though I knew that Jess would be leading the group I was nervous. I hate going to anything that is exclusively female, it just isn’t my gig. Claire was trying to have a tea party with Jessi and Chloe was playing the role of Gozilla, trying to climb up Claire, so I took her to play in my room while I got a few last things done. She was playing with my iphone but it was locked so it wasn’t a problem. I was calling Jess to tell her that I was almost ready to start panicing I was so nervous. After hanging up on her answering machine the phone rang. It was 911, they wanted to know if everything was alright. Oh the irony! They had gotten a call from my number and a hang up, so they would be sending an officer out to check on the situation. How is it that I dialed 911 without noticing? It would be one thing if Chloe did it while playing with the phone, but no, it was me. It wasn’t too long before there was a solid knock on the door. The officer stuck his head in the door and Chloe started to flirt with him. I explained that Claire was in the bath with Jessi and they were the only other people here. I told him that I am just an idiot and dialed 911 without even knowing it. Is it bad that this is what happens on the good days?

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