Adventures in Surgery, con’t.

I think that I may have mentioned that typing has been hard in the last few months because of my wrist. I was referred to a surgeon as I wasn’t healing as well as I should have. Turns out I wouldn’t get better until they took the cyst of the center. So on Monday Feb. 1st they took it out. It is a little disturbing how good I am getting at this surgery stuff, seriously, I am fine to not have another for a long while. Nothing too exciting about this one. Jared dropped me off at the curb and I was texting him to hurry up and pick me up a few hours later. I do have to say that general anesthesia never leaves you feeling good, nor do cuts on your body that are an inch or longer. The hardest part was the 10 days following. I had a bandage on and could not move my wrist at all. So I wasn’t able to pick up either of the girls as that requires two hands. I got the bandage off yesterday. It worked out well that as I got home Chloe was just ready to get out of her crib after her morning nap. She was up on her knees which helped, I picked her up and it was the most excruciating pain. She buried her head into my should and then smiled the sweetest smile. It was great! Then Jenna saved me and I went and iced it. It is so good to be working on healing. I am thrilled that I will be in a lot less pain for the big trip to met Ariel and will have two hands to help as both girls are working on standing and walking.

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