I am loving February!

This will be short because typing with one hand takes forever! I knew that we just had to make it through January and that things would improve. I had no idea that they would get so good so fast! Claire and Chloe are both amazing and so much fun. I do miss caring for them very much. Only 5 more days until I am allowed to try to lift them, I am anxious and eagerly anticipate my recovery. I know that I won’t be 100% right away, but now that the problem has been fixed it is nice to know that I am at least recovering and not just managing the pain. We got approval for the Eco Point and are just waiting for a denial from our primary insurance, which has never been hard to get. It is possible that Claire will have her computer to speak with in the next two weeks. Just the thought is so unimaginable! Chloe is certainly determined and full of energy. Her newest trick is pulling to high kneel. It looks like she will be pulling to stand soon, a feat that Claire is still working on. Such is my life, amazing levels of joy and grief in a perfect coexistence, even in the greatest month of my life. I have been taking pictures in an effort to replace the words that I don’t have time to type. Please check my flickr page with the link on the sidebar. Their faces tell the story better than I can. I hope that you are having a great February and celebration of love, life and today!

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