Pink glitter!

I think that a new tradition may have started around our house today. Typically, Jared takes Claire out on a date on Saturday mornings. First they hit the Verve for some coffee and a cookie and then find their way to a few different surf spots to practice walking, listen to waves and just enjoy time. Recently the local Ducati dealer relocated to being right on the way between our home and the coffee shop and surf spots. You can see from the picture where the two of them ended up. I am just in awe that Claire loves motorbikes so much. She is a very sweet girl but can be particularly impatient when the activity is something that is not to her liking. I do think that the pink glitter helmet had a lot to do with. If I had a crystal ball, I would guess that there will be many more pictures of Claire around various motorbike stuff and there will be glitter, in some form or another of each of them.

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