The Sound of Silence

It’s not something that I hear much. I typically fall asleep while the dish washer is running or music is playing. When I am awake there is almost always a lot of things going on. But not today. Jared and Claire went to get coffee, watch the surfers and go shopping in Los Gatos. This left Chloe and I home and she took a great nap. I roasted some squash and made the baby food for the week. Then took a shower. Once I was dressed the most amazing thought happened. There was nothing pressing. Sure there are 4 loads of laundry waiting on the floor, the carpet needs to be vacuumed and the dished could use some attention. But the phone wasn’t ringing, I wasn’t late for an appointment, there was no child in need of my help. I sat down and the only thing that I could hear was a bird chirping, then it flew away. Then I heard a rattle in the crib and the phone rang, but it was a very nice moment. I am reposting as there was a comment that I wanted to remove and couldn’t figure out how.

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