Sorry, it’s been a while

I am so glad to have survived October. Every year now, that month kicks my butt. Now that we are more than half way into November I am starting to recover. The time has been filled with lots of really great and fun times. It is really nice to have a little time to breath and stop and be thankful for it all. Claire is making a lot of progress right now and I am finding myself overwhelmed. I really didn’t realize how I had stopped dreaming for her until she started to do things that I had never dreamed of and the process has been amazing. This morning she sat at the kitchen table with her talker. She kept playing her favorite song, stopping after 30 seconds and then starting it again. I really had hear the song enough so I returned to the usual running around in circles getting ready to get out the door. Since the shock value was gone she listened to the song in its entirety. Once it was done, I heard the talker say, put, put. So I went over and she had gone to the dress up screen on her own. Again she started “put silly hat” On the table in front of her was her new rainbow striped hat with purple flower ear flaps. She wanted it on for school. In her own 4 year old way she was getting through to me that she wanted her hat on for school, how typical is that! I love how she reminds me to take big pleasure in the small things. The other thing that she is teaching me is that God has a good sense of humor. I don’t get computers, I don’t like them. When it stops working I normally unplug it, walk away for a few hours and hope it is magically better when I go back. I am not a girly girl, never was. I wear jeans and a t-shirt whenever possible and might put makeup on twice a year, if you count lip gloss. Enter Claire, who wants to use her computer that reads eye gaze to discuss what dress up dress she will wear to the tea party with her dollies. I seriously don’t think that I could feel any less equipped for this gig. Yet somehow, we make it through the days and most of the time we even have tons of fun. Who knew? Will try to be a bit better about posting, I always say that and never am, but I am trying.

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