I spoke too soon

I was feeling better, so I went ahead and gave myself my medicine just after the last post. Sure enough, I have been under the weather ever since. I think that I am starting to turn the corner and get a little more energy. Of coarse, another dose is due next Monday, oh well! So I am not having much energy for the blogging, here is a quick summary. Claire is doing great, there haven’t been many recent pictures of her by herself because she always wants to be standing(hard to take a picture and catch at the same time). She is getting really good at finding her center and we are hopeful that she will take her first steps sometime soon (by soon I mean this year, Rett world moves very slowly) She has one more week of summer school and then a six week break. I am trying to get strong so we can have lots of fun during that time. Chloe is doing great! She went for her 2 month check and the doctor said she was “perfect” I agree. She too has the cold, which I just hate. Somehow she still manages to get out lots of smiles and coo’s. That’s all for now, we are off to PT, the fun continues…

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