Getting Ready

Finally, we have had a week that has been nice and even keel. Nothing terribly dramatic to report. On Tuesday I left to run a few errands and Kim stayed home with Claire. When I returned, the two had made a “present” for Chloe. Claire was just beaming with pride, it was so precious. She functioned as art director while Kim did the manual labor on the sign, but they are such a good team. It was so precious to see the excitement in Claire’s face as I took in the gift that she made for her sister. We have been talking a lot about what being a big sister looks like and she is so excited to be in that role. I am expecting that it will be a very bumpy transition, but part of that seems so normal. Claire is turning into quite the 3 year old princess. She manipulates every situation that she can and when she can’t she looses it to the point that we can’t talk with her until after a time out. She is also becoming more and more fun by the day. Her sense of humor is great! She is so sly and sneaky and when she can get something by, she is so proud of herself. So with all this 3 year old personality stuff, we can only assume that there will be problems. Maybe problems isn’t the right word, learning experiences. Irregardless, it will be a ride. We are so excited to meet our sweet little Chloe. Enjoying each day until then, but so excited to be able to meet her. I have heard it said that all any parent wants when their child is born is to make sure there are 10 fingers and 10 toes. I have to say that I don’t think that is so accurate. I want an entire DNA stand that folds properly. I want her to have enough air to her brain and all the other organs. But I know that that isn’t how God works. So as I get ready to go through this amazing process of the miracle of life, I am trying to focus on how God does work. He works through children who’s DNA doesn’t fold right, He works through flawed people all day long. It is possible, that somehow, He will even use me to teach Chloe about what an amazing God He is. That is the part that blows my mind. With as dynamic as life is, that I might be used is the most humbling and amazing concept. Enough of my rambling for tonight. Make sure to check back later in the day on Monday, we will be putting up pictures of Chloe as soon as we can. You can check the flickr page by clicking here, we might just post photos without blogging. Here is a picture from nap time on Wed. It was just too cute to keep to myself.

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