That’s right, when I go out I take four dates with me. Not really, we got to get out and go to the local Ducati Owners Club’s bike night. The food was alright, the service was horribly slow, and the company was amusing. The sound of the older bikes as they went by made it all worth it. It is so easy to get frustrated when Jared works late another night. It was a good reminder to not take things too seriously. Yes, there is a lot of money involved and lots of other stuff, but in the end, it is the motorcycle business, it is cool. I am particularly happy with Ducati lately because of the love they have been showing to Claire and her friends with Rett Syndrome. I don’t know if I can say at this time, but it is so nice that they want to do what they can to help. It is some much needed encouragement in this ugly time of IEP’s and evaluations and all sorts of hoops and stuff. I cannot believe that it is so complex to have a three year old in preschool. I figure that in all, I communicate with almost 50 individuals for Claire and this Rett stuff. I am not counting her friends that she plays with, only business things like school, doctors and therapy. So I figure I have a bigger department than Jared and more on the line (if you value life more than $$$). So in theory, I should be more stressed than he is. Then it is like God hits me in the face with his truth. I need to be grateful for all of this, He made Claire like this, put her in these situations. Is is possible that in this big mess of preschool nonsense that God could be at work for a greater good, I suppose. I am trying very hard to take a new approach. To remember that with every interaction that I have, I am to love first. Before I am Claire’s advocate, I am a sinner that was blessed by the mercy and grace of God. I know that I need to fight to get Claire in a good environment where she can learn and thrive. But I think that sometimes I start to limit God by thinking that I know what that is. How narrow minded of me. Funny, as I spent today focusing on how I can be quiet in this situation and listen for God to move, I was full of peace. It is so easy to loose focus each day of that. I guess that is why we go to bed every night with the challenge of waking up and making the decision each day, what will the focus be. Thank you to those of you that have been encouraging me through this walk. It has been such a blessing to have people whispering in my ear to stay focused.

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