I was recently saddened as I read the pain that a friend of mine was going through. She too has an amazing little girl with Rett. The day came for her to go to the DMV and get her disabled place card. She described it as a hard, tear filled experience. Her blog was filled with comments from other families that too have taken that difficult trip. It got me thinking. Why is it that we view disabled people the way that we do? I thought about my experiences growing up. Honestly, I can’t think of any with disabled people. I imagine that is the way many people are raised. Because it is something that is so far removed and foreign, we begin to view it as something bad. If I had a dime for every time I have told somebody that Claire has Rett and they respond with some sort of devastating reaction. I wish so badly that that wouldn’t be so. I am so convinced that God has already and will continue to do great things through Claire, using her even the way that she is. Having a child with Rett Syndrome is definitely not easy, it it very hard. But it seems that to compensate for the added degree of difficulty, it is so much richer. I never would have thought to ask for this, for the “disabled for life” club, but I have to say, it has the most amazing members. I am grateful for this “frameshift” it has enabled me to see the world differently, using more of a panoramic type lens.

The picture is from Saturday, Claire has really taken to playing the Wii with her dad, she can’t get enough!

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