We went with the less traditional Christmas this year. Christmas Eve we spent with our neighbors sharing a lovely meal. Afterward the children played and we finished with a birthday cake for Jesus. Once the sugar wore off and they were asleep we had some much needed adult time, complete with carols by the lights from the tree, while the boys had some Hennessy (Jared’s contribution to the post). Christmas morning we laid low and called our family. Then it was off to the hospital to hang out with our friends Dani and Bobby. How we had such a nice time sitting in a hospital room for several hours I don’t know, but we sure did. It was such a blessing to see how Claire uses her powers of cuteness to encourage people. She has such an amazing story to tell, and she tells it well. We returned home and the little thing was exhausted and slept. She woke up so happy and pleasant. We walked to the table to dinner and we were amazed at how well she did. We thought that we would push our luck and try on our way to brush teeth afterwards. This time we were a little more prepared and used our nifty new “flip” camera, complements of DNA 🙂 So here, we share our Christmas gift with you. There isn’t anything that I could think to ask for that would be better than seeing Claire make progress toward walking independently.

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