I know that her eyes aren’t open, but seriously, that smile says it all. We had a good bit of fun last night. The little bear truly enjoys wearing different hats and being a big ball of silliness, which we absolutely embrace. I have been thinking a lot lately, part of the process I guess. We have had the”diagnosis” for over a year now, and still I wrestle with what it is and what to do with it on a daily basis. Recently I have found myself so grateful for the whole thing. The month of December seems to be such busyness for so many people, who work very hard to make sure that they have that memorable holiday. We have kept it pretty simple. A string of lights around the window, a small tree and a Menorah on a small table. I haven’t gone shopping or purchased any presents yet, and I don’t intend to. I have been enjoying hours spent in the kitchen making apple butter and other canned goods. Each day I have had the opportunity to enjoy so many moments, and I have. Taking time to listen to a stranger over a cup of coffee or not being the car rushing in traffic, the whole of it has been very enjoyable. It makes me so grateful for how I have gotten to know God in a very different way as a result of the messiness that has resulted from Rett Syndrome. I think that through it I am able to see so much else, not just being able to celebrate the 10 seconds of standing that Claire surprised me with or being pateint with her during meal time. But also being able to see the smaller victories that happen all around me and being able to see the charachter of God in them. It has left me on so many occasion thinking to myself, sweet.

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