It’s working!

Not yet a full week in yet and already I can’t believe the change in Claire. Today, when we got home I set Claire on her stool in the middle of the living room. I sat in front of her and we talked about the day at school. After explaining my desperate need for hugs, I helped her to standing (with very little assistance) and wrapped her arms around me. Then she let go! She let go and stood there grinning at me for at least 10 seconds. This is an all time best, life to date for her. She then bent her kneed and sat back on her stool with complete control. Every other time she has stood independantly, it has ended falling or leaning in some direction, this was so purposeful. I am so proud of her. When her dad came home the little exhibitionist continued to show off her new talent. It is awe inspiring to see her come out even more. At school she has settled into her routine and is now eating more like herself. Most of the notes and comments that I get from the teacher talk about how much smiling she does. I can tell how she enjoys being pushed and working at the goals that I can only imagine she has set for herself.

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