Having fun in AZ

We have been here a few days now, long enough for the dust to settle, and we are having a great time. It is such a blessing to see Claire and her acomplishments through the eyes of my friends. Today we had the pleasure of spending some good play time with my friend Kathleen and her two boys. Kathleen was so excited to see Claire in her walker chasing the two boys around the living room. She might not be fast, but she is smart and we had a great time with it. It is so easy to forget how far we’ve come when you look at all of the things that you are working on in that moment, last time we were playing together Claire was struggling to stand and watch the boys play, she has come so far! Next we went to the park and Claire turned herself into a sand castle while the boys monkey climbed all over the place. It gives her such peace when she gets to play side by side with other little ones. It is such a good remeinder of the perfect little girl that she is and that she is “typical” in so many ways. Now that there is a picture, Sam in the stripes is 5 weeks older than Claire and his brother Gary is a year older. The question is, are they giants, or is Claire a minature?

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