Over the hill and through the woods..

…off to Stanford we went. Today we had the opportunity to go see our doctor in the Behavior & Development Unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (part of Stanford hospital). I was not looking forward to this visit. I was afraid that it would be me having to defend Claire to the doctors and that they would be off base and I would be frustrated. I don’t know where I get these crazy ideas. Along the principal of “the truth will set you free” I find myself needing to listen to Claire. As our physical therapist pointed out, anyone who is intelligent will see how bright she is. It amazed me today how I didn’t have to fight. I now find myself thinking, why is it that I expect a fight, why wouldn’t others see Claire for the bright light that I do. Before I was done with paperwork, we were called back, did the measurements and didn’t wait long before a fellow was in to interview us for the doctor. It was her first time meeting Claire and we had a nice interaction, but it was great that as she was leaving she said, “Clearly, she is a very bright little girl.” She went off for a bit and came back with the doctor. The doctor was thrilled to see Claire and that she was doing so well. It was such nice validation, it is not just me, she is doing great! I think that the doc was half expecting me to roll Claire in and see even fewer remnants of a child that once occupied her body. She was beside herself at how well Claire was doing and happy to write as many letters as we need to make sure that things keep happening for Claire. It was one of those long and really rewarding days. Driving far in loads of traffic, but to hear from a doctor that knew Claire during the regression, she is better.

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