Musical Prodigy?

Claire often has too think of creative ways to get her point across with the limitations that her body puts on her. Today we have been using the walker to get around the house and we went into her room and stood at the piano. In typical form, I have my narrow mind set on what she should be working on. I thought that she could stand at her piano and bend down to touch the keys and work on bending at the hip and knee. Well, once again she blew my mind. I asked her to play some music for me, assuming she would reach down with her hands. No, she put her knee up on the keys and started playing and did so for about 4 minutes. She then put her foot down, turned her head and smiled as to say, “Yeah, I found a new way.” Isn’t that just the sort of thing a typical kid would do to be goofy. Needless to say, we are having a great Monday.

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