Tidepools and Salt

Claire and I only have one hour of therapy today so we decided to blow off the world and go for a long walk along West Cliff Drive. To say that it was inspiring would be lacking but I will try to share a little with you. It was a bright day and the water seemed to have a million shades of green and blue. There were so many birds, many flying in a v formation, which totally amazes me. Today I really enjoyed watching as the water drained out of the tide pools. What an interesting balance that the life in that area maintains. I guess in a way I feel like I am living in a tidal zone myself right now. Waves crashing on me intermittently, but without the waves, it would be such a dull existence. As I was enjoying the sight of a wave crashing on the rocks I got an overwhelming taste of salt in my mouth. It was magnificent. It would be an understatement to say that I love salt, it so much more. Salt is the element that wakes up your palette so that you can fully enjoy the flavors of food. I could ramble on a lot more about how amazing salt is, but I won’t bore you. But seriously, it is so vital to our world. Seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting all of these things was such a rich experience. Claire did love it too. I do wish that I could know what deep thoughts are behind that sweet grin on her face as she looks out at the birds skimming the top of the ocean. It is such a good lesson to spend time not talking. I think that talking is our human way of proving things to ourselves. Like if it isn’t said out loud or written than it can’t be true. I am starting to think that the most significant ways of communicating have very little to do with language.

One thought on “Tidepools and Salt

  1. And yet you express yourself so eloquently with language! This is such a beautiful post, I could see the blue and taste the salt as I read. I am really enjoying hearing your perspective, (written down!) and can’t wait for the next one. And I think you should write about salt! And food! And what food does for you, and recipes that make you happy. Really.

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